Software Development

Here I put some notes, cool discoveries, and other technical stuff. Just like the rest of the blog, it is mostly for me, but if you’ll find this interesting, I’d be super happy!

Automatically switching the default browser

⏳ 3 min read📅 2022-05-07

I use two browsers in my daily life: Chromium for work-related stuff and Firefox for everything else. This helps me to keep a strict separation between these two worlds, including: logins, bookmarks, history, settings (e.g. proxy, synchronization), etc. Let’s see how to make a default browser switch automatically to the correct one.


Switching tabs in Firefox with a mouse wheel

⏳ 5 min read📅 2022-05-02

I prefer to switch tabs in my browser with a mouse wheel and this is an important part of my workflow. It’s so much easier to shove a mouse pointer to the top of a screen and do a single scroll rather than reaching for a keyboard to press Crtl+PgUp/Down or hunting the desired tab with a cursor. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Firefox by default… Let’s see if we can fix this!