Software Development

Here I put some notes, cool discoveries, and other technical stuff. Just like the rest of the blog, it is mostly for me, but if you’ll find this interesting, I’d be super happy!

Rolling like a Pro

⏳ 6 min read📅 2020-08-11

With the pandemic going on many tabletop role-playing parties migrated online, including ours. I’m a DM, so I struggled a lot with Roll20, trying to:

  1. Quickly create encounters
  2. Have minimal delays during the game
  3. Provide good experience for players and me

Here I’m sharing what I’ve come up with so far.


6 linux daemons for better desktop experience

⏳ 7 min read📅 2019-07-19

Linux is a great OS, but its default behavior is usually optimized for servers. Since more and more developers use it as their main operating system, I thought that it would be nice to share several useful daemons that will make this experience a bit smoother.