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Switching tabs in Firefox with a mouse wheel

⏳ 5 min read📅 2022-05-02

I prefer to switch tabs in my browser with a mouse wheel and this is an important part of my workflow. It’s so much easier to shove a mouse pointer to the top of a screen and do a single scroll rather than reaching for a keyboard to press Crtl+PgUp/Down or hunting the desired tab with a cursor. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Firefox by default… Let’s see if we can fix this!


Rolling like a Pro

⏳ 6 min read📅 2020-08-11

With the pandemic going on many tabletop role-playing parties migrated online, including ours. I’m a DM, so I struggled a lot with Roll20, trying to:

  1. Quickly create encounters
  2. Have minimal delays during the game
  3. Provide good experience for players and me

Here I’m sharing what I’ve come up with so far.